Can I get a code?

No, but you can add your name to the queue.

How do you decide who gets a code?

First a foremost is how many pending orders I have. I am aiming to have between 5-10 orders going at one time. When a couple of orders ship I will issue out new codes.

Why do codes expire?

Because I will run into issues where there are rogue codes out there and just my luck they will come in all at once, creating the exact situation I am trying to avoid. So, if you request a code that is telling me you are ready to order. As of now codes expire in 2 weeks.

Why is ordering parts so hard.

Bandai has repeatedly said no to my very reasonable requests. They are doing everything in their power to not allow bulk orders. I have had orders returned because the Japanese name of the kit was wrong (even though the product code was correct). Before I would sent about 10-15 orders and hope for the best (sorting them when they arrived was a nightmare). This time I am sending individual orders.

Do you give preferential treatment to GK customers?

Yes and no. I appreciate more than words can say your business but in order for this parts service to work and continue working I need to take a hard line. So, talking to Traviss the parts service dealer will be quite different than Traviss the GK proprietor. With that being said if you are a regular customer or have purchased kits recently I certainly am more likely to issue a code.

You emailed me saying some parts did not arrive, can I make another order?

No, this is the risk you will have to take. If you order 5 parts and 1 is out of stock then I am sending the other 4. Another nightmare was keeping track of all the parts (they are small, and hard to manage). Honestly I hope to make this service reliable, my previous parts service was not.